We are live animal capture specialists.

We have the skills and experience for live animals, dangerous and wild animal capture and equine recovery. Here at Live Animal Capture, we humanely sedate wild and/or dangerous animals that may pose a threat to themselves, to humans or to their environment.

We work closely with vets, farmers, local authorities and national pet charities to help with capture and rescue of wild, agricultural and domestic animals. The welfare of the animal comes first.

We work internationally as our high levels of skills and experience are hard to find offering a 24 hour emergency call out service 7 days a week.

Live Animal Capture is run by Peter Boddy. Peter has been involved in the Live Animal Capture and Deer and Wildlife Management Business for over 20 years and has also been involved in Agriculture and the Meat Trade for over 50 years. Peter is also involved in the wholesale meat and slaughterhouse business and is a licensed slaughterer and games dealer and has his own registered abattoir. Peter has his own Deer Park located in the market town of Todmorden, West Yorkshire.


A large Elk Stag which had to be tranquilised and transported to another herd by The Live Animal Capture Team.

You are in safe hands with The Live Animal Capture Team

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This huge elk stag had to be tranquilised and captured in order for it to have a full health check before being transported to another part of the country in order to introduce a fresh blood line into another head. This is just one of the tasks regularly and sucessfully carried out by Peter Boddy and The Live Animal Capture Team where Animal Welfare is always given paramount importance.