A large stag that had to be tranquilised and transported to another deer park.
Deer and Wildlife Management Services.

Peter Boddy has been involved in Deer and Wildlife Management for well over 20 years and has his own Deer Park where he breeds Red Deer. He also has Red Deer Stags which he sells and used during the "rutting season" to introduce new blood to other herds when required.

Peter Boddy's knowledge of Deer and Wildlife Management is in constant demand throughout the United Kingdoms

Peter is a Marksmen and is fully experienced in all types of Vermin Control, Game Hunting, Culling and Wildlife Management in any location Nationally.


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A Red Stag which was introduced to Peter's herd  ready for the rt!
Two of the Fallow Bucks that Peter keeps with his herd of fallow deer for breeding purposes!

This huge stag was tranquilised in order to be transported to another herd for breeding purposes.
This Red Stag is now running with Peter Boddy's herd of red deer ready for the 2011 rutting season!
Two of the Fallow bucks that Peter Boddy uses to breed from in order to expand his herd of fallow deer.

Click here to watch a video of Peter boddy in action tranquilising and de-antlering a North American Elk Stag