A few members of our herd on a sunny afternoon.
One of our Proud Red Deer Stags showing himself off for the camera.
One of the prized Red Stags at our Deer Park at Todmorden, West Yorkshire.
One of our Red Stags that are always ready to pose for the camera.
Some of our hinds with a few of this years fawns
A stag leads his "harem" to the water hole.
Our herd is always inquisitive about strangers.
One of our Red Stags in a classic pose.
A North American Elk Stag from our Deer Park.
Two of our hinds, alert as always.




Two of our stags in velvet.
A Red Stag with its antlers in velvet.
As well as the deer Peter Boddy also has some emus at the deer park at Todmoreden.
A few llamas who roam around our deer park.
One of our Red Stags keeps watch over his harem.
Our Deer Park Photo Gallery.
1 of the latest "residents" at Pete Boddy's farm -A  Mangalitsa (Wooly) Pig
Another view of one of the Mangalitsa Pigs at Pete Boddy's farm.

Pete Boddy has his own Deer Park at East Hey Head Farm where he breeds Red Deer cross breeding them with his magnificent North American Elk Stag. He also has Emus, Mangalista (Wooly) Pigs and Llamas, all of which are free roaming. These beautiful animals offer wonderful photographic opportunities to both Camera Clubs and Individuals alike. The photos below are just a small selection of Pete Boddy's much loved and well cared for animals.

Visitors strictly by appointment only.