This stag had got his antlers tangled and wrapped with poly bale wrap from a silage wrap. Peter Boddy was called out to tranquilise the animal, cut all or the "wrapping" away from it's antlears and give it ahealth check before re-releasing it. Had this not been done quickly and efficiently the stag would have been dead within another hour or so.
This stag had to be tranquilised and then de-antlered just before the beginning of the rutt. Had this not been done it would have severely injured other deer in the field.
Thos fallow buck had to be de-antlered and have a full health chech ready for the rutt.
This Roe Buck had got trapped in a culvert and was in danger of drowning. Peter Boddy received an emergency call out to tranquilise and rescue the animal before the culvert flooded. The buck was tranquilised, lifted on to safe ground and given a health check before being safely released back in to the wild. We still see this hansome buck on a regular basis.
These black swans were rescued by Peter Boddy and now live the life of luxury at his farm.
This bollock was running amock after breaking loose from it's field and was in danger of causing an accident on the nearby main road. It was tranquilised and returned to it's secure fold yard.
This North Americal Elk Stag had to be tranquilised and de-antlered before the rutt began. This large stag is a part of Peter's own herd which is kept at his farm near Todmorden.
This pony had been left to run wild and was impossible for the owner to catch it. Peter Boddy was called ot to tranquilise the animal so that it could be broken and trained.
This stag had broken out of it's enclosure so had to be tranquilised and captured and returned to it's herd.
This porcupine had escaped so needed to be live cage trapped and returned to it's owner.
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