This animal was in dangerous surroundings and needed capturing. Live Animal Capture was able to capture the animal safely.
This deer was calving and needed the assistance of Live Animal Capture
This deer needed to be caught to be de-antlered.
Lave Animal Capture assisted in the capture of this animal so that the vet could carry out medical attention.
This animal needed rescuing from the railway lines as it was in danger.
This animal needed rescuing after severe injury from an electric fence.
This deer needed capturing so that it could be transported to a park.
The same deer after being transported to the park by Live Animal Capture.
This bull needed capturing by Live Animal Capture for vetinary attention.



These 2 photos show a large stag had to be captured to be transported to a different herd in order to introduce a new blood line. The second photo shows him immediately after his introduction to the new herd, none the worse for his "ordeal".
This Buffalo had to be tranquilised and captured by the Live Animal Capture Team in order to transport it to a new location.
Left and Right- A deer just after being sedated to have its hoofs trimmed and then the same deer after being given plenty of time to recover from the sedative after having its hoofs trimmed and a full health check ready for release!
The RSPCA called us out for this rescue. This deer had to be tranquilised in order to free it from a fence that it had got caught up in and then released.
This heiffer had to be tranquilised and helped as she was having serious trouble calving.
The pony above has just been "darted" to sedate it in order for it to be captured.
This pony had to be sedated in order to have its hooves trimmed.
The three photos above show a deer that had got entangled in a load of wire netting. It had to be tranquilised and cut free by the Live Animal Capture Team. The photo to the right shows the deer ready for "recovery" and release back into its herd.
This youngster has been sedated for vetinary attention. The third photo shows it being led safely and quietly away from the herd. This was the only way that it could be seperated from the herd for the attention that it needed!
The above three photos show a stag that had to be tranquilised in order for it to be de-antlered. The third photo of the set shows the stag ready to recover from its "ordeal!
These three photos (Above) show a stag that had to be sedated so that it could have its hoofs trimmed. The stags eyes are covered to protect them from the bright sun shine while its feet are being cleaned up and trimmed. The third photo shows the stag recovering and ready to be released.

Pictured left and right:

Two of Peter Boddy's Fallow bucks that are kept to breed from and expand the herd of Fallow Deer kept at his farm in Todmorden.