This animal needed to be captured and rescued for its own safety.
This horse needed tranquilising for urgent vetinary treatment.
A stag that had to be captured.
A Red Deer that needed help while giving birth.
The Services offered by the Live Animal Capture Team.

Peter Boddy has been involved in the Live Animal Capture business for over 20 years and is recognized as one of the most highly spoken of specialists throughout the world in this very specialised and demanding line of work!

As a fully experienced tracker and stalker Peter and his team of Live Animal Capture specialists are capable of tracking and capturing every type of animal from the humble domestic cat to fully grown wild Buffalo and Bears of North America!

Peter and his Live Animal Capture Team work closely with Local Authorities, Animal Welfare Charities, Vets, Farmers and the Police not only Nationwide but also Worldwide.

Whatever your requirements, situation or location please do not hesitate in contacting Peter Boddy and the Live Animal Capture Team for Advice and a Free Quotation by clicking here for a direct e-mail link.

We have perpared a short slide show which demonstrated the Live Animal Capture Team in action tranquilising, capturing and transporting a large stag and uploaded it on to Youtube. To watch the slide show please click here.